Theme parks

Défi Nature

Castle Rousselière the Amusement Park is open, large and small, for fun and sporting activities. Come and challenge to the treetops Escal'arbres adventure park, paintball test your strategy, just get lost in the forest and trying to get away with map and compass orienteering.

Le Puy du Fou

Le Puy du Fou was voted best amusement park in the world. Through many amazing shows, the park traces the history of France and Vendée. The park also hosts Cinéscénie, a night show supported by 3500 volunteers on the history of the Vendée through the eyes of a family: the Maupillier.


Welcome to a world unimaginable! You will plunge into a fun, fantastic and magical atmosphere.
exciting adventures, extreme sensations, live shows, drug trips, fairy night show, exciting attractions...

Compose your route according to your desires, in the most surprising theme parks!

Boissiere du dorée

More than a zoo, La Boissiere du dorée is an active member of the preservation of species and scientific research.

At 45 minutes from the campsite

Planète sauvage

Planète Sauvage 20 minutes is a private zoo opened in 1992, in Port-Saint-Père in Loire-Atlantique. An atypical output with several parts by car, foot on the ground or in areas with Monkey Forest + dolphin show visits or assist trainers in their circuit to feed the animals.